My Roots

My Purpose

Stephanie Colwell is not your typical real estate agent. I don’t focus on the number of houses I sell or how much money I make. I’m focused on a greater purpose instead – to help create lasting positive impact in our communites. Helping people buy and sell houses is merely the vehicle that I use to build on that larger purpose.



My Beliefs

Beliefs shape and create our lives.  Values are what you do when no one, not even you is paying attention.

Belief # 1

Impact as a Result of Income

“Profit isn’t a purpose, it’s a result.  To have purpose means the things we do are of value to others”  Simon Sinek

Traditionally real estate companies are built on profit.  Increased volume is needed to increase profits.  Higher volumes usually lessen the personal relationships and cause clients to think they are more of a number than a person.

I see things differently.  My mission is not to sell the most houses.  My driving motivation is to create impact that is lasting in the community.  Helping people buy and sell homes financially supports that mission, but my focus is impacting community causes.

Belief # 2

Protecting Clients is my highest interest. 

I don’t operate without my clients.  Keeping them in mind, my primary intent and most high goal is to protect them first and foremost.  The greed that surrounds the real estate industry causes unnecessary dangers to clients during the transaction. There are many agents that choose to sacrifice their client’s best interest to get a deal done and their commission.

I will not tolerate that.  My clients interests come first even if that means I lose profit.


Belief # 3

Know and Respect Your Worth

People who train and coach others are always trying to insist there’s only one path to success in this industry.  They way they sell homes can be demeaning and degrading.  Their approach eats away at self-worth and confidence.  Typical real estate agents are not respected.  People run from agents and I’m working to break that mold.  Standing up for what you believe in, respecting ourselves will restore credibility that is lacking in this industry.  Being authentic is best.






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